Growing on Bad Roads

2015. Mural. White Pencil on chalk board. 5m x 2m.

The mural commissioned by Tinderbox titled 'Growing on Bad Roads' is a 5 metre, white colour-pencil panorama of a future Brisbane. This artwork acts as both a observational piece as well as a prediction. Over the change of millennia, the developing Brisbane landscape has gone from sprawling country town to emerging global city. Events such as the G20 and the development of Echo Casino Resort shows Brisbane's newly found position as a dominant city of commerce and tourism in the Western Pacific Region. Our identity as a state and as a city is strongly characterised by the humour and hard work of our history as a farming community. In this artwork, I aimed to depict this changing environment that our town-like personalities have been engulfed by and the immediate development that will turn Brisbane into a global city. Other than that, I'd like to point out that I created a rival restaurant to Tinderbox. I call it Matchbox and I think it's going to really hit it off in New Farm.