Observed Obsession

2015. Drawing, pen on paper. 100cm x 75cm.


The 20th century has exposed the destructive power humanity is capable of. Novo, Latin for change and to begin anew, titles this work because of its dominant ideas of forward thinking. Rising from the ruins of our ugliest moments in history, humanity presents itself with a choice, to continue our instinctual path of conflict or to renew our ideologies for the benefit of our species. This artwork is not a representation of our past, but to question our path in a quickly advancing future. Conflict is engraved into our identity. Our young species, in a period of extreme violence, has created the tools for mass extinction. For future generations with only reflection on these events, understanding their horror may come too late. Whether we will change, not for ourselves but for the others to come, can only be decided by our choices as a collective of beings.

In REDSEA Gallery's exhibition Young Blood.